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A different sort of Dive Operation

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Grey Nurse Charters is not your standard dive shop. GNC is owned by divers not shopkeepers - we want to dive not sit around in a shop! 

When you pay for courses, gear or boat dives at a shop you are paying for the overheads of the shop - rent, power, staff - at GNC we choose not to have a commercial premise ... saving us (and you money!). At GNC the owners take you diving, drive the boat, teach the courses - we are 100% scuba diving!

Great prices - pay for the gear you want not a shop's overheads. Most of the gear we sell you can try first ... our hire gear is what we sell not the usual cheap "school grade" stuff!

Only small class sizes, the owner teaches the course. We love diving and want you to love it too!

More great sites - reef, caves, sharks, wrecks out of Swansea, Newcastle and Port Stephens. The owners drive the boat and lead the dives. We love to explore and then add new sites!

About us!

So many sites, so much variety - check the schedule and book in.

Phone, email, messenger - we'll respond!

We like variety new destinations each year and check where we've been!

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