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Dive Schedule & Booking

At Grey Nurse Charters we don't dive the same sites every weekend. We love variety! Our local area provides an amazing variety of dives!  Here is where tropical sea-life meets temperate sea-life! You can dive with a turtle or a seal! We publish out schedule here and on our FaceBook page. Why not get it directly? Join our email list just by messaging your email address to our FaceBook page!

To ensure safe diving and the comfort of our customers the actual dives done may vary from the schedule on occasions.

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Dive Prices
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Monthly Schedule

July 23 schedule.jpg

Great dives Sharks, Wrecks, Beautiful Reef, Caves - something different every dive!

Standard Double Dives          $140.00

Moon Island Double Dive        $100.00

Moon Island Single Dive           $60.00

Extended Tech Dives                 P.O.A.

Seal Rocks Trips                         P.O.A.

Tank hire (steel 12L) per tank   $15.00

Gear Hire for Boat Dive             $60.00

Pay Direct Deposit and don't worry about cash on the day:

AC Grey Nurse Charters

BSB 032509

AC 271977

Don't forget to message us above including your name and dive date (eg Smith 23/10)

Meeting Points for Standard Dives:

Port Stephens:

Boat Ramp at the end of Mitchell Street Soldiers Point


Boat Ramp at the end of Tully Street Carrington


Boat Ramp on Ungala Road Blacksmiths

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Book and Pay for your dive now. Just let us know what date, what dive and if you need any tanks or gear (and for gear what sizes).

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Grey Nurse Charters Refunds and Cancellations Policy:

1. If you have paid and a dive trip is cancelled for any reason (usually weather) then we will give you a choice of full refund or credit for your preferred next date.

2. If you book and then give us at least 24 hours notice of cancellation then again we give you a choice of full refund or credit to your next preferred date.

3. If you book and give us less than 24 hours notice then we will either offer full credit or 50% refund.

4. No show or failure to give notice of cancellation until the morning of the dive means no refund. At our discretion we may offer credit for another trip.

5. We always aim to give our divers THE BEST experience. If we dive conditions are poor (ie very low viz) but divers complete a single dive then we will give credit for the second dive - or refund (unless there is an available option for better conditions elsewhere)

6. If a diver decides (on the boat) not to do the second dive then full charge still applies except we only charge for tanks used.

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