Our Team


Doug has done the whole thing with Grey Nurse Charters: one of our original customers who developed a passion from the variety of local diving we do. Doug quickly became a friend and once he gained his Coxswain qualification became a members of the GNC team. When circumstances forced Graham to take a step back from the company Doug was fortunately in a position to step straight in and make a seemly transition.


Doug is an experienced diver who has recently achieved his Dive Master qualification. He knows our sites as well as we do having dived regularly with us since we started in 2015. Doug has 18 years’ experience in boats and now has his Coxswain’s certification. Doug is now an owner as well as an integral part of the boat crew: driving and assisting on the boat and leading dives.


Doug uses a Hollis BCD, Probe wetsuit, Mares fins and other Scuba Pro equipment. Doug uses an Olypmpus TG5 in a housing.


Thank you to ChangLe Dong for this photo of Tony at Beqa Fiji

Tony has been diving around the area since 1991. He has been qualified as a PADI Dive Master and Marine Coxswain since 1994. In a previous enterprise from 1994-98 he was involved in a dive boat "Divercity" which allowed him to explore the seas around Newcastle and Swansea. Working on boats in Port Stephens for 5 years gained knowledge of the seas in the northern part of GNC's range.

Tony is currently a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and also has CDAA Cave Diver and TDI Technical qualifications. Tony has taught with SSI and SDI/TDI. A keen underwater photographer Tony will dive anywhere with over 3000 dives under his belt. Tony is the Australian admin for Scubashooters.net and a regular contributor to iNaturalist.org

Tony uses HOG regs, Shearwater computer, a customised HOG/Customer Divers harness, Probe wetsuits and accessories, SharkSkin and Frogskin Undergarments and Ursuit drysuit.

He uses Canon cameras and lenses, Sigma lens, Sea and Sea strobes and a Hugyfot housing.


Graham was part of the start-up of Grey Nurse Charters. His skills as a welder and designer has given the Grey Nurse the dive boat fittings it has today - tank rack, ladder. Graham went through the ordeal of getting the boat through the new AMSA survey requirements and helped set up our current buriness. Unfortunately personal commitments has meant Graham has had to step back from the business and sell his shares to Doug we hope Graham will continue to contribute his skills and personality to the business in the future as his time allows.

Graham has grown up around boats and the water. He has been a Marine Coxswain since 2012 and has gained extensive experience of the seas from Broughton Island to south of Catherine Hill Bay.

Although initially a reluctant diver Graham took the plunge in 2016 and became addicted. He is currently an Advanced Diver as well as gaining Deep, Decompression, Advanced Nitrox and Sinkhole technical qualifications. He is rapidly gaining experience and updating his diving qualifications.

Graham uses HOG regs, a Hollis HD200 BCD, DeepX Tech Harness and Pinnacle wetsuit and drysuit and accessories.

The Grey Nurse

Graham and Tony fell for this boat as soon as they rode in it! We converted it from a police boat to a great dive boat.

The Grey Nurse is an 8.5 metre Gemini Waverider. Powered by two whispering Yamaha 225 HP engines the boat is a former Victorian Police tactical response boat.

Very very fast and with the stability and comfort only a RIB can provide there's no boat around that can match the Grey Nurse. Set up with state of the art Raymarine Sounder/GPS and Radar; 27 Meg and VHF radio the boat has all the electronics the police wanted. 

Why spend your time bumping around on a boat when you could be already diving? Dive with us!

2C Survey for 10 passengers/2 crew survey number 24645 the Grey Nurse has passed stringent National AMSA criteria to achieve this survey. Even the NSW RMS surveyor we had on board said this was the "Best dive boat he'd ever been on".