Anilao Philippines 2019

Staying and diving with Casa Escondida
Above the waterline
Nudibranchs & other Slugs

Anilao is known as macro heaven - nudis are just the start!

Octopus, Squid & Cuttles

The variety of cephalopods is one of the attractions of Anilao - the Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Mimic and Coconut Octopus and of course the Wonderpus

Other Molluscs

There were plenty of other molluscs worthy of a photo too!


Plenty of eel species around Anilao: morays, snake eels, garden eels, ribbon eels

Seahorses, Ghostpipefish, Pipefish & Dragons

Anilao has several special of ghostpipefish, sea horses, pipefish and shares with Lembeh the Lembeh (or Anliao) sea dragon

Damselfish including Anemonefish

Anilao has a wide variety of Damsel and Anemone fish

Anglerfish (or Frogfish)

Anglerfish are a highlight of any dive in the Philippines


Anilao has a variety of scorpionfish - including Rhinopias, leaf scorpionfish and false stonefish


Wrasse are always among the most diverse and colourful fish in any area; Anilao certainly has as variety.

Angelfish & Butterflyfish

Colourful fish that are synonymous with tropical waters

Gobies, Blennies & Triplefins

Little fish that have the tendency to cuteness. Anilao has a wide variety here are some.

Tobies, Puffers, Filefish and Surgeonfish

Some of the more unusual fish to be found.

Other Fish

Large numbers of fish species to be found including Snappers, Bream, Goatfish, Sweetlips, Cardinalfish, Sandperch, Lizardfish, and many others


There is a range of crabs of varying sizes including hermit crabs

Shrimps & Lobsters

So many shrimps - commensal shrimp on anemones, corals, sea cucumbers, sea stars; mantis shrimp, squat lobsters and lobsters

Corals & Anemones

Anilao is in the Coral Triangle and has an amazing variety of Hard and soft corals, gorgonia fans, sea whips, sea pens and anemones.


So many worms: flatworms, tube worms and other worms.

Other Life

Everything else - echinoderms, ascidians and of course a turtle

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