Bali Trip July 2017

We dived the USAT Liberty up to 6 times during the trip - including night dives as it was only a short walk from our accommodation.

USAT Liberty Diving
Amed Dives

A short drive from Tulamben We dived two boat dives at Amed: first to The Wall and second to Pyramids. We did our dives from traditional Junka.

We had two days diving at Nusa Penida (6 dives in total) but our first dive at Manta Point was the pick of the Manta Pt dives. Crystal Bay - no Mola Mola unfortunately. The SD Drift was a great dive - see below.

Manta Point Dives
Nusa Penida

Just about all of the photos are from the SD Drift we did twice - North Eastern Corner of Nusa Penida, a couple of above shots and the sea snake were at Crystal Bay

Baga Wreck - Kubu

The Baga was purposely sunk as a dive wreck and have been loaded with items - pots, statues, even an old VW buggy.

The wreck is alive with growth and a great dive. Kubu is about 15 minutes ride from Tulamben.

Kubu other Shore Dives

We dived the Baga twice doing a second shore dive each time: first at Kubu Beach and then near Kubu Relax Resort.

Wreck Slope - Tulamben

The slope between the Tulamben beach and the Liberty wreck in known as the Wreck Slope. A great much dive especially on a night dive. Lots of little crittles

Tulamben Coral                Gardens

A great shore dive at Tulamben - so much to see and a great night dive!

Tulamben - the Dropoff

Another great shore dive off Tulamben Beach, further east than Coral Gardens near the point. Again lots of macro as well as plenty of big fish.

Bali Trip - the People and what we saw

Sure there was lots of great tropical diving but there was plenty more!

Meals at Tulumben Wreck Divers and other restaurants throughout Tulamben - we tried many - definitely NOT as touristy as many places.

A visit to Kubu Markets. Travelling by bus, ute and boat.

The volleyball competition nearly every night across the road.

The last day - the Water Gardens which everyone enjoyed; Not as touristy as the temple we went to later. A nice place with a small entry fee and not hassles - we'd all recommend it.

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