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Moon Island 

is a small island situated just outside the entrance to Swansea Channel only a few minutes by boat from the wharf near Swansea RSL . Between the Island and the headland, Reid's Mistake is a shallow sandy area with a few areas of kelp covered rocks; the best diving is out on the northern, eastern and southern sides of the island. The underwater seascape of Moon Island features walls, sea caves, massive boulders and swim throughs. Fixed growth includes colourful sponge and ascidian, gorgonia, plate corals and areas of kelp. All the usual local fish life abounds: blue wrasse, morays, morwong, pomfreds, wobbegongs, and even eastern blue devilfish. At various times of year salmon, grey nurse sharks,  and kingfish and other pelagics visit. Sea turtles and giant cuttles are often spotted too as well as the occasional weedy seadragon.

Moon Island Dive Sites:
The Arch

The Arch is a large swim thru in one of two big bommies a short distance off the main Moon Island wall. It is always full of fish. A great site in which we leave the Arch and swim a circuit that includes the In & Out Cave, the Hidden Cave, #3 and the Squeeze Thru. A fun site maximum depth 20 m. 

The Temple

The Temple is a massive sea cave in the south-eastern wall off Moon Island. With more than half of the cave-mouth partly blocked by a coral encrusted rock (the altar) the cave goes back into a very dark zone. During the salmon run grey nurse sharks shelter around and in the darkness of the cave. A truly awesome experience. The Temple is always surrounded by fish; pomfreds, bullseyes and pike. Kingfish and other pelagics and big wobbegong are also common here. A short but fun swim from the Temple is the second major highlight of the dive; a U-shaped overhang - the Horseshoe Cave - that has some of the best delicate coral growth anywhere around the island. Plenty of other holes and caves to explore to the east of the Temple; a great dive to 20 metres.

Under the Tube

Named after the wave that occurs above it when a swell runs Under the Tube is wall diving. Rocky reef drops down from 12 to 22 metres and sand on the north-east corner of Moon Island. One of the highlights of the site is the spooky Slot Cave but there are plenty of other great areas. Walls, caves and one of the best areas to find Eastern Blue Devilfish!


Admiralty gets its name from the huge old anchors found at at this site. Sheltered from southerly seas this area was used by coal ships from Sydney to anchor whilst being loaded from barges coming out of Swansea Channel. A number of Anchors must have stuck and been lost. The area ranges from shallow kelp beds to 18 metres with small caves and much rocky reef to explore.

New Arch

The New Arch or Wide Arch (would be nice to find a better name. Offered others a chance to name it but the best they came up with was the equally uninspiring "Other Arch". Apart from a large Arch stretching over a narrow gutter the site has a series of gutters to explore. Colourful growth and lots of fishlife. This site drops to around 24 metres.

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