Kavieng (PNG) 2017

Video of our trip to Kavieng filmed and edited by Dorian from Scuba Ventures of Kavi

Albatross Passage & nearby sites

The Albatross Passage connects the Pacific Ocean to the Bismarck Sea and marks the start of a drop south of New Ireland that reaches over 500 metres. The walls in this area go to over 65 metres. Sites include the passage itself, The Bommie that juts out from the main reef wall and Kavin 2.

Plane Wrecks

Kavieng didn't have the invasion the Japanese defenders expected but they did have a lot of aeroplane action ... many wrecks to dive: Deep Pete a Mitsubshi F1M in 40 metres, a B25 Mitchell Bomber that crashed near Albatross Passage and Jake I and II both Aichi E13A reconnaissance planes near the harbour. Harbour and Albatross Channel have lower visibility

Nusa Island dives

We arrived at Kavieng close to sunrise, had breakfast and did our first dives there at two sites off the north coast of Nusa Island - Num Numin and Blowhole

Nusam Island

Nusam Island was the first of two island reef dives we did ... a short trip from the Nusa Island Resort ... lots of unspoilt tropical colour

Ral Island

After diving Nusam, we headed over to Ral and after snack and suface interval had a great dive on the colourful reef around this lovely little island.

Da Yang

The Da Yang was a confiscated Taiwanese fishing ship purposely sunk for diving off to the north of Kavieng, 

We dived the wreck then headed along where the Da Yang slipped down the reef to  the reef itself. Tuna and reef sharks cruised passed. Awesome viz.

Kavieng Harbour

We had the option of a free Kavieng Harbour dive from the wharf at Scuba Ventures. Had a great time exploring along the shoreline ... apart from lots of fish found a couple of Japanese WWII era beer bottles and lots of WWII ordinance.

Nusa Island Retreat

Our home for our stay in Kavieng ... the lovely Nusa Island Retreat with its tropical gardens, views of the harbour, thatched roofed huts and visiting wildlife.

Japanese Wreck

One fun dive was to a wreck of a Japanese cargo ship sunk at the southern end of the harbour. Not positively identified but possibly the Tumin Maru.

Not as great visibility as many of our dives but fun nonetheless.

Liga Onui Cave

The cave dive was an optional afternoon excursion from the town of Kavieng. The Japanese used it as a water supply for their forces during WWII.

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