Philippines May 2016

Malapascua Dry

Malapascua Island off the northern tip of Cebu was our first stay. We stayed at Ocean Vida and dived with Sea Explorers. Great diving with our guide Rex. Happy hour cocktails were enjoyed our rooms were just off the beach

Evo Reef 

Evo was the first dive we did after reaching Malapascua ... a sort of test/proving dive to get weights and gear sorted. Did a night dive here later.

Deep Slope 

Deep Slope is another dive site off Malapascua Island. Lots of life lots to see.


Another Malapascua Island dive not far from Deep Slope 

Lighthouse Reef

A great night dive at Lighthouse Reef with lots of hermit crabs and a pair of mandarinfish

Monad Shoal

One of the highlights of our Malapascua stay were our two dives here. A deep sea pinnacle where the thresher sharks come up in the morning to visit the cleaner stations on the shoal. Night shift hangs around to visit day shift - well worth the 4:30 rise!

Lapus Lapus

Another of the beautiful Malapascua Island dive sites. Just a short trip and so much to see!


A Malapascua dive on the opposite of the island from the resort opposite the village which gives the site its name

Evo Night Dive

Back to Evo for a night dive and everything comes out; especially the crabs!

Sambauan Island

One day we did a full day trip, early morning at Monad Shoal followed by breakfast while heading out to Sambauan Island. We did two dives at the island Bokal and Boga Rock

Gato Island 

Another longer trip from Malapascua was to Gato Island (Cat Island). Great dives! The first was to the Cave Wall and then the Tunnel through the island. I found a separate little hole at the end of the dive - the last four shots including looking back at the entrance.

Dakit Dakit

Our last dive at Malapascua was a night dive at Dakit Dakit another dive close to the island.

Dauin Dry

Our second destination in Philippines was Dauin, just east of Dumaguete. We stayed at Pura Vida and again dived with Sea Explorers. Here were relaxed and met our dive guide Juno and our adventure continued...

Apo Island - Coconut Pt

A day trip to Apo Island for two dives and lunch, even saw dolphins on the way there.

Apo Island - Rock Point West

Lunch at Apo Island on the boat plus a second dive on the west side of Rock Point.

Pura Vida House Reef

A night dive off the beach directly in front of the resort. Like most shore dives in the Dauin area it just goes along the steep sandy slope down from the shore. Tested out the UV light on this dive.

Sumilon Island Sanctuary

A single dive at Sumilon turned into a double after the boat broke down. Fantastic diving along the reef wall and over the top of the reef.

Oslob Whaleshark Dive

A diving bucketlist MUST! Nowhere in the world do you get SO close to these giants, nowhere are they so guaranteed. You do have boatloads of tourists in lifejackets flapping about above you trying to get a glimpse of the sharks but underwater we have them to our own! There are far less scuba divers and the whalesharks come up close. An experience!!

San Miguel

San Miguel - the patron saint of the Philippines and their wonderful beer - which we drank our share of: Pale Pilsener, Red Horse and Cervase Negro. When we found out there was a San Miguel dive site in front of the church with that name between Dauin and Dumaguete we HAD to dive it!


Not disappointed especially by the numbers of frogfish we found.

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