Santo (Vanuatu) 2013

SS President Coolidge

One of the world's great wreck dives. The Coolidge was originally build as a luxury cruise liner but was commissioned into military service as a troop carrier during WWII. The ship sank with the loss of two servicemen when she hit an American mine on 26th October 1942 when entering Luganville Harbour on Espirito Santo. After evacuation the ship slipped down the reef slow. Earthquakes occuring since have caused the wreck to sink further down the reef.

A photo with the "Lady" is a must - dive through corridors, visit the swimming pool (which is still full of water despite the ship being on her side) aand do a safety stop in their coral garden to finish the dive

Santo Land

We stayed at Deco Lodge enjoying the view of Luganville, good food and good company. 

One afternoon excursion we had was to beautiful Port Olry to enjoy the beach, the Tusker and for one to feast on the rare coconut crab.

Million Dollar Point

Million Dollar Point the site where the US military dumped everything as they prepared to leave the island: trucks, machinery, filing cabinets, tractors all piled up down the slope and later joined by a salvage ship that sunk overnight whilest attempting to salvage metal. An interesting shore dive.

The Blue Hole

on our last day before leaving - our non-diving day, we headed up to the Blue Hole - a drive and then ferry to the resort and then a canoe paddle up the river to the blue hole.

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